February 10, 2008

Cop this sweet collaboration of promotion from nOnCapable, Push Pins and Cassettes Records.

January 16 , 2008

New releases by Lipstickface and Princesse Rotative almost gone already! Also, new music soon to be released by Uterozzzaaa, PBF and Lipstickface. YO!

August 16th , 2007

After a long few months, your humble label updater is back to tell you that there are slight modifications to the site, as well as pictures uploaded to the media section from the Celebration of Anti-Capitalist Consumption held April 27/07 in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

April 24th , 2007

nOnCapable Recordings is assisting in throwing this kick ass event, being held in Edmonton, AB, Canada:

March 16, 2007

Well, the CD Release party was a success. Check the Media section for pictures. There will be lots of video in the future, I just have to track it all down...thanks to meagan, fraser, ali, sarah, skot, lori and any others who took photos andvideo and thank's to joi and felecia at Red Shift Gallery for letting the show happen in their space, steph for catering, jon and lori for being door staff and everyone who helped set up the space. tell all your friends this was a wicked party...spread the virus!

February 11, 2007

Well, late but not never, story of many lives...the media section is updated, perhaps for better viewing???

The first pressed (!) compilaiton CD will be released by nOnCapable Recordings on Feb. 23rd. The release party will be held at Red Shift Gallery in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. The official press release is copied below:

New Folk: Saskatoon and Osaka

a compilation of psychadelic folk, sugar pop, breakcore, noise rock,
new acid and hip-hop from the heart of the Canadian praries and
Japan's 2nd biggest city.

Featuring brand new music by Judaz, Knar, Holzkopf, Titanarum,
Motohiro Nakashima, Sakura "Kant" Watanabe, Dumb Angel, Numb&Dub, Tim
Olive and Nisikawa Bunsho, Milkhorse, Diadrums

co-released by Dainty Deathy Recordings and nOnCapable Recordings


CD Release Party featuring new music and art from members of No Birds,
Adolyne, Parades Against Parades, Blood Music and Milkhorse.

Friday, February 23rd
price: sliding scale of $5 - $10
at the Red Shift Gallery
118 20th Street West
bar + tastey snacks
this is an all ages

more info:
or email:

This project has been made possible in part due to funding from the
Saskatchewan Arts Board.

November 17, 2006

Well, your humble webmaster is going to take a slight break due to midterms, finals and other tasks eating up every ounce of time he's got. So....in brief, the Anarchist Bookfair was amazing, thanks to Ali, Meagan, Chris, Lori and all the others who made it happen! Over the Christmas break, the nOnCapable site will post new media from the Bookfair as well as other events and will overhaul the media section to make it easier to navigate. Peace out all, see you in a month!

November 6, 2006

nOnCapable recordings will have new stuff for sale at the upcoming Saskatoon Anarchist bookfair...stuff so new that it's not even listed on this site yet...including a seriously heavy compilation of Eastern European and Canadian noise and breakcore. Check us out at the fair! More info about the fair is here: http://saskatoonanarchy.blogspot.com

October 21 , 2006

New "Media" section up with posters, videos and pictures, please check it out!

September 5th , 2006

Well Explosion Dance!!! is behind us! It was an all to successful event. The next one will be even better, but of course!!! Here are some videos of Explosion Dance. Videos shot by Ali Lake, Sara Morden and Jake Hardy. Enjoy and spread the links!

<a wedding party waving lighters for Saskatoon country star "Shakey Wilson," a last minute addition to the bill>

<an excerpt of the set by Skeletons>

<an excerpt of knar, including a walk through the park the show took place in>

<Knar again with odd onlookers from behind!>

<face and body painting by Ali Lake, during a post-set DJ session by Knar>

<Tapenga vs. Holzkopf nail shit to the ground and fuck your mind!>

<Milkhorse end their set after having the crowd chanting along "death to america!">

<this is a conversation between Explosion Dance!!! participants and fans arguing with an angry (and hammered) mother>

August 23th , 2006

A split release of all new material from holzkopf and tapenga has been released for sale at Explosion Dance on August 26th. It is a super limited edition of 10 copies. Check the catalogue for details and sound samples.

August 9th , 2006

Holy christ it's been a while since an update...typical indeed. Well, your humble label head has been very busy with tours and preparing the next, and quite a bit bigger CD release. The CD release will be like a Mountain Asik part 2, only this time there is a large budget and the compilation will be full of never before released music by Dumb Angel, Titanarum, Sakura Watanabe, Diadrums and others. Its been a while in the making as the artists have all had to write and record original work for the disc. More details on that to come.

The big news for the moment is EXPLOSION DANCE!!!!!!!!!! which is a free open air concert held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and will make all of you out of town and out of country folks super jelous. The show will feature live music all afternoon ranging from breakcore to noise-hop, electro folk to outright rock and roll anarchy as well as site specific instillation work and an open air art gallery. EXPLOSION DANCE!!!!!!!!!!! will be held on August 26th, 2006 in North Kiwanis park at 23rd Street and Spadina Crescent in Saskatoon. Visual artists looking to get involved should email: noncapable@gmail.com. Here is one of the many poster designs:

April 16th , 2006

Mitch Grier's CD debut is out now on nOnCapable! Check the catalogue for details and an mp3 sound sample.

February 16th, 2006

A month and a half in and only one update. that is lame as hell. the february 11th show went well, freakouts were had but they were positive ones i think. rumour has it that two new projects are on the way for nOnCapable. there is an album by Mitch Grier on the way. there is also another compilation in the works, and this one's got some funding, so its going to be big! there also may be a third project...maybe a fourth...rumours of a holzkopf tour are flying around, as are rumours of an outdoor festival on Saskatoon's beautiful riverbank.

December 30th, 2005

Saturday, February 11th, nOnCapable's third party!!! It's a pre-valentine's freakout starting at 8pm and featuring Parades Against Parades, Knar, Narcissistic, Holzkopf, Soso and Milkhorse. There will be live visuals all night, provided by Carrie Gates and Skot Hamilton, food by Felt Birds and a cheap as hell bar. It's at 424 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK, Canada. It'll be all ages with a bar! More details to come. Come party and freak out!!!

December 13th, 2005

It's been a while since an update and a lot has happened. basically, i should learn to update before events and not after. The concert with Felt Birds went really well, thanks all for attending and helping and a big thanks to Kelley Bolen who came in from Edmonton to provide live video mixing throughout the night.

Holzkopf has just finished a tour of downtown Calgary, playing 4 shows in 3 days in the cowboy metropolis. They mostly went off well, although one perticular show insighted panic in the bodies and souls of the bar staff and gold chains whering, lame ass DJ. It was a confrontational show to say the least.

Up next are Holzkopf performances on December 17th in Saskatoon, SK, Canada at Le Relais with Milkhorse, Our Tptarimgan (sp?), Skeletons and the All Purpose Voltage Heroes and a show on Xmas night at midnight at Paved Art and New Media (also in Saskatoon) with Skeletons. A piece written exclusively for The Little Fury Things label showcase in NYC by Holzkopf will be presented along with live visuals out in the cultural hub of Lower Manhattan...check local listings for venue and details.

November 12th, 2005

survived another video game/remembrance day. in honesty: in spite of the common cinical joke Nov. 11 has become among many...it seems like a good day to take a break if only to realize that millions died because of politics. the show with felt birds is coming up and shit will be dope. !!!ALSO!!! new MP3 releases section with a free downloadable release by Titanarum, featuring adolyne and holzkopf members. click the link in the new bigger menu bar.

October 18th, 2005

thanks to all artists who submitted work for the posters of the upcoming party with felt birds, your artwork will soon grace the streets of Saskatoon, leaving people no choice but to check out the show!

an mp3 section is coming up, but don't worry, we'll still stick to the small run of CD-R aesthetic until we sell out, it just takes soooo long to get a CD-R release together that it is easy to get ahead of myself and muttled, so, certain things will be released, for a limited time, as free, downloadable mp3s. stay tuned to get your grubby hands on this free stuff soon.

September 27th, 2005

don't talk to me!!!!!!! new split compilation with 4 bands now on its happy way. stay tuned. lot's of strummin', noisin' and other kinds of music as well.

also: the planning of the release party and Felt Birds fashion show is underway. we are still looking for visual artists (painters, photographers, sculpturs, etc.) and video artists (both video to be played during musical performances and stand alone video with an audio component) to contribute work. if you'd like to get involved please contact: noncapable@gmail.com

peace out!

September 11th, 2005

new website up, ya'll!!!!! sure it is more basic and with less thrills and frills than the old one but, it is bound to work on all computers, not just fast ones or Macintosh ones. didn't you know lo-fi web programing is making a come back...and it has always been cool regardless of the ebb and echo of trends.

upcoming party and fashion show to take place on November 19th in Saskatoon. it is being co-organized with Felt Birds. the event will also see the release of a split CD with work from Motohiro Nakashima, Diadrums and others. come get your copy while you can!