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(nOnTAPE19) The Italian Husbands (untitled)

first edition limitted to 10 copies.

Hyper fuzzed trash rock lovingly wrapped in electrical tape and collaged live to tape from source jams.

(nOnCD18) "Bootleg Me"

unlimmitted edition

New music by Freude, PBF and Coin Gutter. From electroacoustic to electro to breaks. Each one done in a handmade package, designed and made to order.

(nOnCD16) Reserved for an upcoming Search_Click_&_Destroy/The Fawkes split CD.
to be released in Spring, 2008.

(nOnCD15) “Retiens La Pluie”
by Princesse Rotative + Abigail Green

first edition limitted to 50 copies, handmade packaging

The breakcore princesse from Paris delivers a full length uneditted live recording as her debut on nOnCapable Recordings. Expect unexpected rhythms, harsh soundscapes: part horror movie soundtrack, part anime fueled sugar high, part psychotic and part psychadelic.

Contains yells and theatrics by collaborator and actress Abigail Green.Here's a sample: <princesse rotative sample>

(nOnCD14) Dirty Shirt Remixxxes
by Lipstickface

first edition limitted to 50 copies, handmade packaging

The pan-sexual queen of the Canadian praries is remixed by IDM/breakcore/noise-hop artists from Canada, France and Japan. Featured remixers include Holzkopf, Numb & Dub, The Square Root of Evil, PBF and Princesse Rotative.

Big beats, cut & paste chaos, hyper-sexual raunch. Here's the original single from Lipstickface as a teaser: <dirtyshirt>

(nOnCDthirteen) planet caravan
by holzkopf

unlimitted edition, each package custom made by hand on order

Falling backwards into fields of drone. A "mash-up" per say of the Black Sabaath classic pulled out and unfolded into a 20 minute epic. The guitar solo hits like chimes and the ominous bass thumps on.

(nOnCDten) new folk: saskatoon and osaka
v arious artists

limited to 500 copies

This CD is out and proud as nOnCapable's first pressed disc! It features all new music from Osaka and Saskatoon. Brand new tracks by Numb & Dub, Judaz, Diadrums, Sakura Watanabe, Motohiro Nakashima, Holzkopf, Titanarum and others!!! In true nOnCapable fashion, this disc switches up genres and sounds more times than the government has robbed you. Hot shit. <Numb&Dub sample> <Diadrums sample>

(nOnCDnine) HardcoreXXXDistortion
v arious artists

released in an unlimited edition

A mix of acid-noise, breakcore and crunk from Tapenga, Holzkopf, Alymysto, Zymotic/Nocore, Pickapoo, Mark Watson, Knar and Echodolo.

(nOnCDseven) death & taxes:
by Mitch Grier

!!!SOLD OUT!!! two editions, limited to 23 copies each
rereleased in an unlimited third edition

recorded in the auditorium of the former Chinese Minnonite church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, during the cold month of November, 2005, at about -10 degrees inside with no heat. Periodically, both Mitch and recording engineer, Jake Hardy, gathered around a tiny oil space heater in the former crying room of the church to warm hands and drink a beer. <mp3 sample of "the offramp months">


Sold Out:


(nOnTAPE17) Kentucky Fever
by The Italian Husbands

!!!SOLD OUT!!! first edition limitted to 10 copies, all unique handmade packaging

All ready notorious. Recorded live to four track at Sludge House and in concert at the Ortona Armoury. Here is afree download of the Ortona Armoury portion <The Italian Husbands live @ Ortona Armoury>

(nOnCDtwelve) Sun Gun Kicked Under the Table with Epilepsy and A Circle is a Natural Shape
by holzkopf

!!!SOLD OUT!!! limited to 5 copies, handmade packaging

A rerelease of the two Holzkopf EPs both previously released by Severed Digit Recordings. Released for Electrolls, an Edmonton experimental music night. This has been released online as a free download on nishi.

(nOnCDeleven) WhiteOnWhiteOnWhite
by holzkopf

!!!SOLD OUT!!! limited to 2 copies, handmade packaging

Harsh noise made with a glitched CD burner and soundcard feedback. This will burn. Never to be rereleased as it can never be made again: the glitched CD burner was an integral instrument in this piece and it has since been fixed. Only two copies in their handmade packaging exist and they will be the only copies that ever will or can exist. One is owned by the Edmonton Small Press Association and it is possible to see and listen to this release in their room of the Edmonton Public Library, Downtown branch, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

(nOnCDeight) 4000 Cops
tapenga VS holzkopf mix tape volume one

!!!SOLD OUT!!! two editions, limited to 5 copies each

summer time 2k6 the feeling. lakes, rivers and oceans. fun times and a solid mindf%$k. r-u-ready to die cold and alone? <tapenga sample> <holzkopf sample>

(nOnCDsix) mountain asik
various artists

!!!SOLD OUT!!! edition one, limited to 50 copies

a compilation of pop, electro, free rock and folk featuring Shaun Mason, Ali Lake and Jake Hardy from Saskatoon, Canada and Sakura Kant Watanabe, Motohiro Nakashima and Diadrums from Osaka, Japan.

(nOnCDfive) a circle is a natural shape
by holzkopf

!!!SOLD OUT!!!

freeform worship of digital and biological degradation. dirt moves to flesh to form a pixel. 7 new tracks ranging from breakcore/hip-hop to ambient chimes and drones. this CD is sold out and is now available as a free mp3 album on nishi. <mp3 sound sample>

(nOnCDfour) wet pebbles
by Diadrums

!!!SOLD OUT!!!

a 3 song release by this obscurely poppy and unique singer songwriter duo from Osaka. this is an older release, rereleased here in a handful of copies to work as a promo for diadrums' upcoming disc on nOnCapable Recordings. this disc is otherwise only available in Japan.

(nOnCDthree) warning: this recording is a mess
by holzkopf

!!!SOLD OUT!!! edition one, limited to 10 copies

excerpts of a performance at Edmonton, AB, Canada's Latitude 53 gallery in April of 2002 as well as a full uneditted live recording from C'Est What in Toronto, ON, Canada from February of 2004. Released to sell at Vancouver's upcoming Signal and Noise festival. holzkopf's performance is on April 15th, 2005 at the festival. for more details check the festival website. <sample from edmonton><sample from toronto>

(nOnCDtwo) mastered on blown speakers
by holzkopf

!!!SOLD OUT!!! edition one, limited to 9 copies

20 minutes of stoner rock violence reocrded as loud as possible. this record was done in collaboration with jordan perry, who donated the raw drum recordings that the music is based around. <mp3 sound sample>

(nOnCDone) live @ kanadian, november 2004:
by Sakura "Kant" Watanabe and Motohiro Nakashima

!!!SOLD OUT!!! edition one, limited to 50 copies

a snapshot of the underground musical happenings of Osaka, Japan. this recording was made at a series of weekly tuesday night gigs by nakashima and watanabe. the music here is subtle: looped but fragmented. the sound of jangling percussion and droning vocals of watanabe are carefully placed on top of a bed of sampled and repeated cymbal hits, mid-frequency washes and western folk influenced acoustic guitar played by nakashima. <mp3 sound sample>